Operative office

Piazza Marconi, 4
24122 Bergamo

Via della Pergola, 2
23900 Lecco

Phone number

+39 0284121000

+39 0284121000

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Reports and complaints

If you need assistance for a complaint or you have a report to send to Arriva you can write us.

The suggestion through signaling (positive or negative) and the complaint represent an important channel of communication with the customers, beyond to constitute a fundamental contribution for the control and the improvement of the quality of the offered service. Reports of service disruptions, anomalies or irregularities can be submitted in writing or personally through the channels indicated above or by filling out the form below.

Send us your report or complaint

To send us a report or a complaint, enter your personal data and describe in detail what happened. Fields marked with an asterisk are required.

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White lines: pedestrian crossingYellow lines: pedestrian crossing reserved to staffUse seat belts on buses equipped with them
Stay on the sidewalk until the bus is stationaryAlways go up from the front doors and down from the backdoors
No ticket no partyPunch your ticketSale of tickets aboard – payment by cash or with banknotes with a maximum denomination of 10€
Show your ticket to the driverPet transport as the regulations on forceLeave seats clean
No food or beverages allowed aboardSmoking not allowedLow volume
Do not disturbRespect the bus and don’t damage it