Albino-Selvino cableway


Enjoy this short but amazing trip among Val Seriana mountains. And, once you will be on Selvino-Aviatico upland, discover what you can do!

*Please note thet, to go up the cableway, it is compulsory the muzzle use for every size dogs.


Were been deploy two new charging columns for electrics vehicles in Albino cableway parking.

Move yourself respecting the environment using the cableway and your electric vehicles to enjoy a unique experience diving into the mountains green!

You can also take the bike on the cableway for 2,80€.*

*The bike transport depends on the crowding on each race.


The Selvino adventure park is an adventure park with 7 trails, suitable for children, adults and even for olders.

It’s the first park in Italy to total safety and the way it was build was not intrusive for trees: a good manner for spending funny and sporty hours, in the middle of nature!

Other sporty activities? Always in Selvino, there’s the minigolf, otherwise on Monte Purito you can try to handle rollerblade skating.


Once you will be in Selvino, you will face a breathtaking landscape!

From here, with a cable car you gonna reach Monte Poieto and you would walk on different trails, as the one that leads to Roccolo di Barbata, or to Perello, the Sanctuary where Selvino’s people went in prayer through the mule track that is still run nowadays.

Another excursion is the one that leads to Monte Purito, passing through a conifer forest populated by roe and small rodents.

For more details check the full map at this link.



You love adrenaline?

Try to climb the Cornagera, always famous among local as a gym to practice. Between rocky ravines and overhangs, climbing in this small canyon is really a suggestive experience.

Another wall to climb is the Valgua cliff: composed of 6 sectors all surrounded by greenery, offers a nice choice for those who want to climb.


Traveling with a four-legged friend?

Remember that on every vehicle of public transport (including cableway), our four-legged friends pay ticket and must necessarily wear the muzzle to ensure the safety of all passengers.

And if you travel with a luggage?

If you want to take your luggage on cableway you will have to pay a rate that depends on the luggage size:

> small luggage: 1,40€

> big luggage; 2,80€

Find out hotels and restaurants that allows inside domestic pets in Selvino By clicking on this link.

White lines: pedestrian crossingYellow lines: pedestrian crossing reserved to staffUse seat belts on buses equipped with them
Stay on the sidewalk until the bus is stationaryAlways go up from the front doors and down from the backdoors
No ticket no partyPunch your ticketSale of tickets aboard – payment by cash or with banknotes with a maximum denomination of 10€
Show your ticket to the driverPet transport as the regulations on forceLeave seats clean
No food or beverages allowed aboardSmoking not allowedLow volume
Do not disturbRespect the bus and don’t damage it

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