We answer below the most frequently asked questions that you have asked us or that we read on the various channels of communication.

Rates, travel tickets and tax deductions

We inform you that you can find all informations about our travel tickets at the following link: https://sab.arriva.it/en/travel-tickets/
and all informations about our subscriptions here: https://sab.arriva.it/en/subscriptions/

Timetables, routes and special services

We inform you that you can find our timetable at the following link: https://sab.arriva.it/en/orari-e-percorsi/

To use it you have to select the correct area of your interested and click on “Find out more“. You will be redirected on a new page where you will find all the lines that pass through that area.

The travel planner is useful to calculate a trip of which you do not know the line and/ or the times that are provided from the time and stops inserted in the appropriate spaces. The research produced highlights any changes to be made on the route and the line or lines that serve to carry out the journey. By accessing the “Timetables and routes” section you can download the PDF file of the line or lines identified by the travel planner for the selected route.