Lost properties

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Piazza Marconi, 4
24122 Bergamo

Via della Pergola, 2
23900 Lecco

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+39 0284121000

+39 0284121000

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Lost something?

If, getting off the bus in one of the bus stations or stops in the Provinces of Bergamo, Lecco or Brescia, you realize that you have forgotten a personal object, ask for support through the channels above or by filling out the form below.

In case of a favorable response to the request, you can agree on the time for the collection of the material with the staff of the Contact Center. The custody of the objects will last the time strictly necessary for the return.

The service is of a commercial nature and does not replace the provisions of current legislation. (Civil Code art. 927)

Fill out the lost property form

For information about a lost object fill out the form with your personal data and the details of the object you are looking for. Fields marked with an asterisk are required.

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