Renewal of the fleet with sustainable buses

Arriva Italia is experimenting in the different realities on the territory new system of propulsion of the buses, betting more and more on hybrid and electric.

A smart bus wash water recycling system

The car wash system in Bergamo Station allows to reduce the waste of water. Non -natural products have been eliminated and only high pressure jets and rollers are used; After an accurate process, the water is purified and stored for subsequent use.

This system has allowed to reduce by more then 35% the water consumption from 2016 to today, going from about 9.500 mc to 6.200 mc.

A further project to recycle also the water used for the final rinse of the buses is being studied.

Eco-driving to reduce C02 emissions

Eco-driving is a safe and environmentally friendly driving behaviour. Arriva Italia drivers are trained on how to optimise their driving style to ensure passenger safety and how to reduce C02 and N0x emissions in the atmosphere. This results in a decrease in casualties and maintenance interventions, allowing for further benefits for passengers and the environment.

Production of energy from renewable sources

The production of electricity from renewable sources is another investment undertaken by Arriva Italia to reduce emissions into the atmosphere.

With the installed system is guaranteed the total efficiency of the Arriva Bergamo’s bus station, with a reduction of C02 emissions.

Since 2016, 400 MWh of electricity has been produced. In addiction, the project to replace traditional lighting fixtures with LED lamps in underway in all locations and has led, until now, to a saving of 10% of electricity.

Separate collection

Arriva Italia owns collection points in the workshops, offices and some areas of Piazzale Marconi in Bergamo. In this way, in 2018 we recycled 67% of the total waste produced and future estimates are increasing.

In addition to mechanical parts, pallets, batteries, exhaust engine oil, paper and cardboard, toners and collected. All the proceeds from waste recycling are reinvested in new technologies.

Short and medium term objectives

The actions of Arriva Italia for the environment do not stop, and in the future is expected the further reduction of pollutant emissions from fossil fuels, the maintenance of a fleet of vehicles with lower emissions buses, the testing of hybrid and electric vehicles, the improvement of waste separation and the reduction of plastics in favour of materials such as aluminium, glass and paper.